Order Of War

Order Of War PC Game

Unhappy France succumbs under the oppression of German occupation. Time came to open the second Front and to make its contribution to the general victory above the fascism! The place for operation is already known. The beaches of Normandy will become bridgehead for the powerful impact of our troops. Opponent moves to the sea tank divisions SS, is ready to raise into air pilots [lyuftvaffe]. Light walk it will not foresee. But to whom hunting to live eternally, if we there is the possibility once and for all demolish the third Reich?

Special features of the game:
Order of Of war. Release " continues the glorious traditions of project operation Bagration, by one of best historical strategies of last year from the Belorussian developers In the new game you will be able to participate in two expanded operating periods. For you is in prospect to command the troops at the Western Front or to be transferred to the east, into the very scorching heat of war of annihilation between Germany and the USSR. Thousands of soldiers and officers, hundred of instruments, tanks and aircraft, improbable detailing and scale of military operations - before you will be opened the new faces of great war!

System Requirements:

[*] OS: Windows XP SP2
[*] CPU: 3.0 GHz, DUO of 2.0 GHz or of better
[*] VIDEO: 256MB NVIDIA Of geForce of 7600 or better
[*] RAM: 2 GB
[*] SOUND: DirectX-compatible
[*] HDD: 1.2 GB of free of space

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