Exodus From The Earth

Exodus From The Earth PC Game

Exodus From The Earth game Exodus from the Earth - a dynamic shooter, created using high-tech engine «Riposte» Company ToolsMedia Corp .. The game allows you to fully utilize the power of the coil of modern processors and video accelerators for a vibrant and rich game world.

The action takes place in two worlds - in the near future on Earth and on an unknown planet, landscapes and which inhabitants strikingly differ from the Earth. In the process of passing game you will have the opportunity to meet with various characters: from agents of security services to cyborgs, robots and mutants to resolve many puzzles and see if the life of a human civilization beyond Earth.

Stunning visual effects, realistic physics, collapsing objects, various characters and means of transportation, dynamic and unpredictable plot of the game, combined with perfectly executed vysokopoligonalnymi locations and unique weapons models provide a maximum sense of dynamism inherent in the best shooter today.

System Requirements:

* System: Windows 2000/XP;
* Processor: 1.8 GHz;
* Memory: 512 MB;
* Video card: 128 MB RAM, GeForce FX or ATI RADEON 9600;
* Audio-card: DirectX-compatible;
* Hard disk: 3 GB free disk space;
* DirectX 9.0c.

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