Battlefield 1942 + Expansions

Battlefield 1942 + Expansions PC Game

Battle it out in intense WWII combat action. Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition packs the original Battlefield 1942 and The Road to Rome expansion into one box set. Choose your weapon and then jump into an all-out, raging firefight in the South Pacific, North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and Italy. From bazookas to battleships, a massive arsenal is at your command. Prepare to face the enemy in the air, in the deep, and on the battlefield.

System Requirements:

- 1.5 Ghz CPU
- 512 MB RAM
- 128 MB Video Card
- 16x CD-ROM Drive
- DirectX 9.0b Compatible Sound Cart
- 4GB Free HD Space
- MS Compatible Mouse
- Keyboard
- Windows XP

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