Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great PC Game


- Interactive global map for mission selection and strategy selection
- Trophy collections: the player has a chance to acquire weapons, vehicles and resources by taking them directly from the battle fields
- The player has control over soldier training and as well as the ability to rearm troops during battles
- Non-linear gameplay. The player has the ability to choose the sequence of the missions he/she is completing, which directly effects perks of the warriors, the availability of territories and lands to conquer

System Requirements:

* Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7
* Pentium II 550 Mhz, AMD K6-3 500
* 128 MB RAM (256 MB for XP)
* 64 MB Video Card DirectX 9.0B compatible
* Sound Card DirectX 9.0B compatible
* DirectX 9.0B (included)
* NET Framework: 1.1 .NET Framework (included)
* Microsoft Media Player 9.0 or higher

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